To All The Girls Awake At 1 AM

Don’t try to sleep. 

Don’t try to dream. 

Instead, reason your way to the worth of today. 

Not everything matters, but you are valuable. 

Remember the way the trees hold their black barren arms 

to the brightening sky of morning, 

 the rain and thunder of afternoon,

 the golden, violet sky of evening. 

They are always accepting chaos and blessing

without warning. 

This is how you will learn to receive. 

Don’t try to sleep. 

Don’t try to dream. 

Don’t look at that screen. 

Remember how you can form words, those beautiful strings of letters and sounds 

like persimmon,



and tranquil. 

Remind yourself of how good it is to think and to love, 

and remember that heartbreak can beget depth. 

Don’t forget the freedom you have to invite and welcome. 

(Also, the freedom to slam doors and break plates.)

Reason through the day, noticing its

small glories, 

for that is where your weary soul may rest. 

Say aloud all those funny puns you find, and then 

Cry over the sad words you want to leave behind

But cannot. 

Don’t try to sleep. 

Don’t try to dream. 

Reason. Remember. Remind. 


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