Culture Chat: Persuasion Predictions

The trailer for the new adaptation of Persuasion arrived this past week. Persuasion is my favorite novel by Jane Austen, so I was very excited to see it. You can watch it below (or read my comments beforehand).

Not having seen this film, I cannot say what my full reaction to it will be (although I’m guessing it will involve abject hatred). After seeing this film, I predict that I will:

  1. Yell about the sheer stupidity of casting an American as a Brit.
  2. Throw things across the room while declaring, “Anne is soft spoken and nuanced, NOT quirky and blunt! Read the novel!”
  3. Bemoan the lack of respect for proper costuming and hair styles and wonder how Anne Elliot managed to get a blow out done in Regency era England.
  4. Wonder aloud why Anne is worried about Wentworth being “hangry” (see minute 1:47). Maybe give him a scone?
  5. Feel annoyed about how often people in period dramas speak in half-whispers, as if that somehow makes them more romantic.
  6. Wish that someone would take the time to read these novels thoroughly.
  7. Ask the spirit of Jane Austen to forgive me for watching.
  8. Read the book again to better remember why I loved it in the first place.

I suppose there’s always the chance that Netflix might release a film that honors the beauty and maturity of Jane Austen’s novel while encouraging its viewers to develop virtue. Maybe we will all watch this and seek to be more humble and honest like Anne.

But I doubt it.

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