Sonnet 1

I was sick this past week, so I ended up writing this poem as a way to deal with how it felt to be stuck in bed yet again. I hope it is an encouragement to you all.

Taste this and feel the slow embittering

Sliding down into the fresh incision

Where it drives your hopes away, skittering.

Yours, not the cause, now remains the decision:

Running away only increases the guilt,

Seeping into the cracks. It will destroy

Unless you stop. Wash off the drying silt

Clean your scabbing wounds. Bind your heart with joy.

It will never cease to be fragmented.

But, watchful, you must guard against its death,

Keep your mind clear, strong, and un-demented.

Sing the tunes the wind carries on its breath,

Songs of love ‘midst overwhelming sadness.

Help us remember promised steadfastness.


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